I have been feeding the chulos, the crows!

By DianaL.K

I have been feeding the chulos
the crows
and observing them,
cara a cara,
ojo a ojo

They now come to the garden
looking for popcorn.
I gave them salt
and gave them sweet

Now they look seduced,
the pop and the corn could be
the chulo’s new thing
as they are my new thing.

I have been feeding
the black ones,
the «bad ones»,
the «ugly»,
the undeserved
los despreciados
los chulos

I observe them closely
Shiny chulos
black from eye to tail,
Corvus Caurinus
Curved nose
Cautious Clever Cuervos,
they may know!

Fast minimalist animal
easy to hate
and to draw
by a child

One of the chulos
I am feeding
is crippled

He was the first
easy to recognize
with his recurrent visits
to the back and the front

I believe he was
the transmission zero;
She passed
the info about the salty
and sweet
to family and friends

How he could become crippled
I thought;
by genetics,
by accident?

I keep feeding the chulos,
the crows and
they keep coming
to the front garden
and the back yard

They keep coming on
dry afternoons
fly closer and turn
their head to look inside
to see if I am there;
they may psychoanalyze me too.

They keep coming
every day lately
No se if because
I feed them
or vice versa.

I saw two chulos
negros negros negros

They found the sweet
and the salty
in the front yard
They knew it,
somebody told them.

One was bigger than the other
and took a piece
and flew with it
to store it?
to eat it at peace,
chulos audaces!

Audatious Ave
Avoid Análisis
and came back
for more to
Agilmente fly again.

When there was no
pop no corn left
the crippled one came
and I felt sorry for him.

Why are you feeding
the crows?
no one want chulos around
They used to eat mierda!

No, genious genus cornus
like sweet too!
I have been giving it,
Now we are friends.

Diana Leal K
May 21 2020