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Personalized Classes

Our classes will be designed for you by Spanish native language professionals. We will plan each session in advance to respond to your needs and expectations. Each session will be of 45 minutes through Skype or zoom, and will be taught by kind native language speakers with their natural cultural allure. Each class will have an introductory conversation, vocabulary, pronunciation, review of grammar in a fun and easy way, and writing according to the level.

Each session will have 20 efficient lessons of Spanish language and Latin American culture!


On our classes for beginners we will start with common words and expressions, according with our student’s activities and needs. Based on simple conversations we will introduce the structures of the language. We will present new useful vocabulary, cognates, phonetic or sounds, common expressions to memorize and exercises to stimulate conversation.


The advance level is designed to give an intensive practice in reading and writing Spanish as well as to increase your knowledge of the Spanish language. Listening and speaking skills will be an important part of in-class activities. I will provide a starting point for class discussions and written assignments.


At the intermediate level we want to consolidate and make stronger the knowledge and skills the student has acquired before. We work hard on conversation skills; we review grammar, start doing short readings about Latin American culture and work on writing exercises as well as listening.

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Twenty (20) personalized lessons cost $500
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