Greetings: hola, buenas, q’hubo

Hola! Greetings are fundamental words to engage in a normal conversation, formal or informal. Everyone can learn to greet not only in one or two languages but many.

In Spanish, as it happens in English, greetings change according to the time of the day.

English Spanish
Good morning Buenos días
Good afternoon Buenas tardes
Good Evening Buenas noches

Spanish has more ways to greet someone depending of the relationship.

A still formal relationship or a greeting between strangers could be only hola o buenas, an abbreviation of the previous three forms. It can apply at every hour with no problem.

In Spain, Spanish speakers would add the word muy, saying muy buenas. Like the previous case, it can be used at any moment.

In Colombia, specifically in Medellín, a more informal way to greet a friend is q’hubo. A contraction between the words: que and hubo with a shorter pronunciation of the letter q.

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