Good Luck Chuck!

Welcome to the United States of America and the state of Washington, a place where you can have all the seven plagues in just couple of months.

In addition to the White House tenant recommendations to inject yourself with Clorox, the COVID 19 pandemia, that may or may not kill you ipso facto, the timeless confinement, the loss of your job, the loss of your health insurance, the no option of going to the bar to vent the grief of your lonely creepy life with the only pair of old bored friends, now from the world or miss nature to the enviable United States of America and the state of Washington…tan, taran, taran….(trumpets)
…. The Giant Asian hornet
The latest revelation of our unprecedented 2020 good luck chuck!
The largest Asian hornets are surrounded The United States and particularly the state of Washington, according to the last news.

The killer insect can bite you several times until leaving you lifeless. Who wants more, who wants more, the good thing is that the premonition talk about just seven, and there is not space for more! What the fk.

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And now the aggressive rats!


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Murder Hornets’ Have Appeared in the United States


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